Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sleep over with Friends

Wyatt and I had a spend the night party with Jackson and Amanda last night!:) We only have a short time to get in a few more hangouts. Amanda made dinner, we put the boys to bed, and we watched a couple movies. It was so nice to relax and have some girl time. This time in a couple weeks, we will be having "couple time"...Our hubbies will be back, and once we get the boys down, it will be board games, food, and lots of laughs:)

I have other friends whose husbands are back from deployment, and I am so envious. I know, I know, mine is about to be back, but I just wish the next two weeks were over. Weston and I are so ready for our lives to get back to normal. We will have a couple weeks at home tp get things back in order, and Weston to start his new job. Then, we are headed to GA for a fun-filled summer vacation. Everyday I am thinking about the small things in life that I am so excited to have back. Sunday mornings before, during, and after church, meal time, riding in the car, cooking dinner, watching movies, bath time with Wyatt, cookouts with friends, waking up to Weston everyday, going to bed together at night, and much much more! I know my fellow military spouses can empathize:)

Weston is in the process of training the replacement unit, but everything is packed and ready, and all they have left is departure briefings!!!! WAHOO! Just a couple more weeks...I think I can, I think I can....;) Yes, I can-Thank you Jesus!

Wyatt is doing great! I am amazed at how smart he really is. He has done so many things lately that I didn't know he could do or understand. His smile MELTS me, his laugh makes my day so much better, and even when he gets mad, I smile inside. He is an incredible blessing. One I thank God and Weston for giving me;)

I will post again later with some of Wyatt's acomplishments...Until then!

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