Friday, January 15, 2010

Come Sunday...It'll be alright..

With a little inspiration from Jimmy Buffet, Sunday is the day!!! Sunday, February 7, Weston will be on a plane bound for home!! We are 22 days out, and it feels like time is slowing down. We are beyond elated to be together, and cannot wait for some good family time. Other than Weston's parents, I am hogging every second of leave;) He will be flying for about 2 days, no less maybe more, and as soon as he is out of Afghanistan, I will be on cloud nine!

My sweet Wyatt has mastered the art of walking. He is all over the place and into everything. I really thought I couldn't enjoy anything more than when he was an infant, but I am truly enjoying him right now. He is really coming into his own, and his personality is showing it's sweet face. He has started saying doggie (didgie), dada, yes (ches), and this (dis). I LOVE IT. He is so precious and my heart just melts when he talks to me. He has started following me around the house and getting into everything. It keeps me even busier than before:) He makes me laugh all the time, which like I told you before, is wonderful since Weston is gone. He has 6 teeth and his smile is killer!!!

Weston is still doing great-ready to come home. He has been moved 4 times since he deployed, but has learned so much and has been able to see places and meet people he would never get an opportunity otherwise. We have lots to talk about, which is exciting for me, becasue he hasn't been able to say much in 9 months.

I am really trying to update more often, and will try and update a few more times before he gets home. But, starting this week I am in "Weston's coming home" mode, and have a lot to get done, so we will see.

My 88 year old Grampa just had his leg amputated this week and is doing great. He has had problems with it for the last few months, and when gangreen (sp) set in, they had to take it. We were not sure how it would play out, but it was successful, and we are thanking God. Grampa is a little drowsy, which is quite humorous, but overall is great. Thank you for all the prayers and love.

Will write again, soon! Love to you all!

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Kara said...

Rachel, I just wanted to let you know how excited I am that you get to see Weston soon! It's so fun following your posts on blog and FB, seeing Wyatt's growth and hearing your journey as a mother and wife. Keep up the great work!