Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall is in the air!

Thank the Lord for October! I am so pleased it has almost been 5 months! It is such a great feeling that we are almost half way there~! Well, it is a new month, and last month was filled with sweet memories!

Wyatt has really been doing well with his walking. He isn't walking on his own, but he has mastered walking around tables and couches:)He is starting to wave, has four more teeth that will be coming at any time, and is growing like a weed! He loves playing with the dogs, pulling out all the DVD's in the living room, listening to music, and lots more. He will be 1 year old on October 14, and I am constantly amazed at how fast the year flew. It was like yesterday that I had him, and brought him home.

My best friend, Erin, and her husband Stephen came for a visit this weekend! It was so wonderful to see them and finally get some time together! I know it was good for them to get away and have some down time. I miss them so much, so it was good to really get in some Erin/Rachel time:) Stephen was so good with Wyatt. He played with him, watched him while Erin and I walked in some new homes, and while we ran up to the store. It was the perfect weekend, minus Weston being here...

Speaking of Weston, he is doing well. He is staying very busy, but is content and loving his job. I know he is doing exceptionally at it! His birthday is this month, on the 22nd, so send him birtday wishes if you have time!

We have lots of company this month! My mom comes this weekend,and then Weston's mom comes next week...that will push us into November! On November 16th we will be halfway done with this deployment! What a great feeling that will be!

I will be better about blogging this month, so stay in touch!~
Rachel and Wyatt

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