Monday, April 20, 2009

Officially a 1st LT!

Well, I had the honor of pinning my husband a 1st LT! I am so proud of him! His ceremony was last Friday and it was very nice. Wyatt did great with Amanda(my deployment roomie) and afterward they had their Casing ceremony. The Casing ceremony is the official packing of their company flag. Overall, it was a very rewarding day!

Now we are on block leave, and I can't believe he will be in Afghanistan this time next month. Weston is so proud to serve his country and I am his number 1 fan! He is so smart and such a great leader! God has so much cut out for him this year and i am so excited for the man he will be when he comes back. I am excited for this journey we have! Those Taliban have nothing on my Hubby:)

Wyatt just turned 6 months! He is incredible and I cannot believe he is ours! He is rolling over and sitting up. He has Weston's personality-happy, happy, happy! He is in 6-9month clothing and growing like a weed. He loves his daddy, too.

I am going to blog more while Weston is gone, and I plan on journaling for the time he is gone. What a great gift that will be when he comes home.

We are at home in Georgia, but after things settle down, I will get better about blogging!

We love you all, and please keep Weston in your prayers!
Weston, Rachel, and Wyatt


The Fountains said...

How incredible that you got to pin your husband...that is SO neat! I love reading the thoughts from your heart! Love you friend!

The Jordan's said...

I'm glad you were able to be a part of the ceremony before he left. It's special to be involved in the ceremony isn't it?!

Enjoy your time in Georgia, and I look forward to keeping up with you all in the months to come. :)