Friday, April 4, 2008

11 Weeks!

I am 11 weeks and still feeling great! My belly is noticable to the people who know me, but it is still not much of one. My baby book says that the baby is now the size of a large lime, so that is exciting. I am in the process of checking into Ft. Hood, so as soon as I do and have my next appointment, I will let you know what they say. I am still feeling great, have plenty of energy, and haven't had any weight gain(maybe a pound or two). I beleive I am supposed to start gaining about a pound a week now, so that should gradually happen. My prenatals make me want to vomit because of the smell and the size:) I have my moments of nausea when something sounds really tasty and then the baby or my stomach says otherwise:( I officially had my first Prgnancy hormonal spat the other day. I was yelling about my sweater not fitting right and I just wanted to get it off! Weston tells the story quite humorously-I am sure you can imagine! Other than that nothing to report and Bbay and Me and Dad are doing great! Much Love!

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