Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday, February 24 2008

Well, I have had suspicions now for about a week. The only REAL sign of pregnancy was I just felt it in my heart and soul. That is really all I can say to explain it. So, Weston, very excitedly, said let's take a test. I really didn't want it to come out negative, so I put it off the rest of the afternoon, until Weston finally said...NOW!!:) I took a cheap Wal-Mart test and we weren't sure if it was positive...The line wasn't as dark as the test line. So, I reseached and found out that is doesn't have to be and most women find that if a line shows at all, you are preggers:) (Mary Lindsey, I hope you don't mind that I used you for reference.) I went on ML's facebook and compared my tests to hers. They looked the same:) How silly is that? I know. So, we went and bought 2 expensive tests and what do you know...PREGNANT showed up!! We were floored! My first thought was How do I deserve this? God is so beyond remarkable and I was shocked that I was blessed to have gotten pregnant this quickly with no problems. My God answered our prayers in "his perfect time" and we feel so blessed! So,we took a picture of the tests and put them in an email for our parents. We got on the phone and had them open the attachment while we were on the phone. Our parents were extatic, and couldn't be happier! I am so glad mine and Weston's grandparents will be here for the birth of the first Great-Granchild! How amazing! I read the other day that as soon as fertilization occurs, God has already put in to effect all the characteristics of your precious child. He is beautiful beyond descripton.

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ansley.brackett said...

Rach I am so excited you two! Ya'll are going to make the most amazing parents! Ya'll deserve all the happiness in the world and this is going to be a whole new EXCITING beginning for the Layfields.