Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zoo Zoom 5K+A Little Me

Phew. I am tired this week. Its been a busy one! Today is the task of cutting the grass since we won't be home this weekend. We are headed to Baton Rouge for the Zoo Zoom 5K! If you live in the Baton Rouge are, there is still time to sign up! It is a run right through the zoo and past all the animals:) My husband and I are running it and I am so excited! I am no "fancy smancy" runner, but I do what I can;)  I do have to say I have really enjoyed running in the park in the evenings with my family. As you know, my husband is in the Army so he runs every morning as it is. I have been so thankful he enjoys the time, too, because he is running like 10 miles a day on the nights we run:/ Yikes.

Are you running a race thats coming up?


Today I thought I would share a little more about myself! My "About Me" on the homepage just doesn't quite cut it;)

I was born in Fairfax, Virginia and then moved to Georgia when I was 2. My parents divorced shortly there after. My mom, my 2 sisters, and I lived there where she married my step-dad and had my 2 little sisters. I have a big family, YES 5 GIRLS, and I love love love it! 
My husband and I met in 9th grade:) We started dating in 10th grade and dated all through high school. Other than a quick break up Freshman year of college (let's be honest, its an interesting time in ones life;)) we dated through college and got married our senior year! I am madly in love with him and my love grows more every day....
I married a military man and I love every second of it..well, until he is late for dinner;) Weston is a Captain in the Military Police Corps. After 6 months of marriage, in the beginnings of my nursing school, what did we get? Orders to transfer to Texas! I was nervous, yet excited, and as when we got in the car to leave our first home and family, we never looked back. As long as I am with him, we can go anywhere!  We lived in Texas for three years where we had our beautiful sons, Wyatt and Elias!
These are my two current favorite pictures of them:)

Texas was a wonderful time in our life. We had many adventures, and made lifelong friends. 
We are currently stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and we love it! We have been so blessed...We have trusted in our Lord to guide us and let his plan be above ours. And as always, his plan is far more than we could've dreamed! I am crazy happily married and a very traditional, southern lady:)  I stay at home with our boys, now 3 and 1, and life couldn't be better. I have amazing friends, we have an awesome church, and we are closer to family! I can't wait to see where God takes us next!

I hope you all have a blessed Thursday!!!:)


Miriam @ Bellaspire said...

Good luck with your 5K! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Your boys (all 3) are incredibly handsome!!

Rachel Layfield said...

Thank you Miriam!!:) I will definitely post on the race!

Amanda Gulden said...

I need a picture put up of you and Wes when you first met! ;)

Mary Lindsey said...

Rachel! You are presh!! Always love hearing your story! Love catching up on your blog! You are just so cute! Miss you and hope yall are doing well. I was thinking about you this week! Xoxox

Jane Layfield said...

I love you sweet Rachel! You are a blessing to me. You are such an awesome mom, and such a wonderful wife to Weston. I hope you have a blast in Baton Rouge!!! Miss you

Rachel Layfield said...

Thank you all for commenting:) Makes it worth blogging! Amanda, you've seen them..not pretty;) ML, I miss you and think of you often! Jane, you're the best and thank you for raising an amazing man!