Tuesday, August 21, 2012

200th Post!! + Tuesday Things

I hope your Tuesday has started out great!! I have a few fun things to share with you today...

First, I will say I am finally noticing a break in the humidity here in Louisiana. Thank the Lord! My hubby and I have started meeting in the park after he gets off work to run, and boy has it been smoother than I thought;) For those of you who have never lived in the south, it gets really humid in the summer. Then you have Louisiana. This is the definition of humid;) We ran 3 miles last night and I was so thankful for the shade in the park and not having to run in a "sauna.";)

Where do you run and does it feel like Fall yet?


I found a new blog yesterday that I really enjoyed. Suzanne from "Fit Minded Mom" has an awesome blog! But yesterday she posted a delicious Blueberry Lemon Oat Muffin recipe that you have to try! I am always searching for new recipes where I can use Chobani as a baking substitute. I had to share because they are so yummy and a great healthy breakfast for your kids:) My boys LOVE anything blueberry, so I have a feeling we will be making these a lot! She also is hosting a Chobani yogurt giveaway! If I were you, I would check out her blog today:)

I also have some exciting and fun news! My dearest friend Amanda and I, she's the author of "Dancing through Motherhood", are starting a new Link Up Party:) I am so excited about this! 

"Turn the Page Tuesday" will be a link party for us blogger moms to post our favorite children's books. Once you post your childrens' book, you will link up with us and have access to other moms and their favorite children's books:) It will be a great resource when buying books for your kids, giving gifts, or even what to look for at the library. We are still working out the details and trying to put together some great stuff to make this fun and enjoyable! So....keep reading my blog so you don't miss out on the launch of our first "Turn the Page Tuesday!!!"

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom said...

You are so sweet, thanks for linking to my post, recipe and giveaway! I hope your family enjoys the muffins as much as we did!!

I love the children's book link up idea. We definitely have our favorites but are always in need of new ones to add to our library!

Rachel Layfield said...

You are so welcome!!!:) I am so glad you will link up with us! I will enjoy getting book ideas from others as I am always looking for good ones for my kids:)