Friday, August 31, 2012

Flashback Friday

THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!! I have been so excited for the weekend to get here:) We get 4 fun-filled days as a family! Yesterday was a long, busy day so I am ready for some down ti....oh wait, this weekend is crazy busy too:) But, that's how I like it! And guess what is finally here?!?!?!? FOOTBALL!!!!! I am so so so excited! This means game days, yummy food, lots of time with friends, etc...I am trying out some new "cajun" recipes when we have people over. Hey, I do live in the heart of cajun food, so I should embrace it, right?;)
Do you know how to make true cajun food?
I actually have a busy morning, so I am jumping back in with "Flashback Friday"....Thanks again Rachael!:)
Here is one of my little Georgia Fans! This is Eli at age 9 months!:)

I hope you all have some fun and exciting Labor Day plans! Wikipedia actually defined Labor Day pretty spot on......"Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It also symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans, and is celebrated with parties, parades and athletic events."
We will be celebrating with some friends tomorrow while watch Georgia play Buffalo! Sunday we have church and then we are having a "slumber party" with our good friends, The Shirley's!! On Monday we are all headed to Hodges Garden, and since its only an hour from our house, they are staying here to cut the length of the trip...or maybe it is just to have a spend the night;)

What are your weekend plans?

I hope your weekend is safe and fun-filled, too! I have some fun posts planned for next week, so I will "see you" Monday:) Thank you to all who have been reading! I truly appreciate it!

GOOOOO DAWGS!!!SIC'EM!!!! (feels so good to say that;))


Amanda Gulden said...

I'm sad! I miss our slumber parties! I am going to need, you and wes and the boys to fly to Colorado and stay for a week! And we can have game night every night!

FitMindedMom said...

I am excited about football season starting back up, too!! Of course, here is Texas it is all about "Friday Night Lights!!".

My daughter is cheering at a game tonight, tomorrow is a food truck rally and Monday we are having a neighborhood block party. Lots of fun stuff planned!!

Rachel Layfield said...

Amanda, me too!!!!!!:( What I would give for one of our game days, slumber parties, shopping trips, game nights, well,you get the point;) Love you Bestie!

Suzanne, We just moved here from Temple, Texas (Fort Hood) so I know about "Friday Night Lights";) I have never seen high school football so huge!!!!!! I loved it and I miss Texas so much! We are hoping to come back in the very near future! Where are you guys located?

Michelle @ Eat Move Balance said...

Funny! I just tried out a cajun seasoning (dry rub) on our fish last night at dinner! I hadn't done it before--I usually go more Mexican-flavors for spice. But this was a nice change. My husband and I both really enjoyed it. I'm sure I'll post about it soon! :) Happy Friday!!!

Rachel Layfield said...

Michelle, since we moved here I have been using a very popular cajun seasoning for my fish. It is called, "Slap Yo Mama";) The title is quite funny, but it has definitely become a staple! If you can find it where you are, I highly recommend it! I use it in a lot of cajun dishes!:) Happy Friday to you:)