Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, Monday

I hope you all had a great weekend! the "Spring Forward" was a kicker this year, but hopefully this week will get the boys back on schedule:) My Monday started off as usual. Cleaning, putting away laundry, grocery lists, etc. (Maybe a pinterest project list in there, I can neither confirm nor deny;)) Today however, I received my package from my "Foodie Pen Pal!" I absolutely cannot wait to blog about it!!!! It was an awesome treat:) Definitely started my Monday off right:)

We decided to venture down to Holly Beach on Saturday and see if it could be a nice little "day getaway." There really is nothing to it..a few houses and maybe a gas station. That's it. ITS ALL BEACH. I'll take it! It is such a pretty beach and a great place to go if we want to lay by the ocean and play in the sand! The boys had a blast even though it was only about 67 degrees! Weston and Wyatt fished and me and Eli played in the sand and walked the beach. Pretty great Saturday in my book! We are beach people so I am really excited that we can pack a cooler and head down whenever we want! It doesn't take any most of our trips do. And the best is only and hour and a half from our house...THANK YOU LORD;)

We also just started planning out beach trips for this summer! We are headed to "our place", Sanibel Island, the first week of June, and then another little trip with my sisters and their significant others:) We haven't decided where to yet:)

Spring is in full bloom here (I L.O.V.E spring) Our grass is green, all the trees are blooming, and flowers are fragrant!! I hope it is just as beautiful where you are!! Thought I would leave you with a couple shots from our first beach trip of the year...


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