Friday, October 21, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!...even though it's Friday:)

I am in unpacking, organizing, and decorating mode, so my days are off;) so, next Thursday I will post on time!:) I have a couple blog friends who do this and I always read it and think of doing it myself- It forces me to sit and thank the Lord for all I have been given...
I am incredibly thankful for my family! I loved every second of being in Georgia recently, and I am incredibly thankful we are closer and are able to go home when we want!

I am sooo thankful for my precious husband, my beautiful boys, and our beautiful new home! I am thoroughly enjoying decorating this place:)

I am thankful for the simplicity in my life! It's amazing how we think we need material things, places, and really I just need my family and their happiness:)

I am thankful for my salvation and a God who loves me despite my failures. I am thankful to be back in the bible belt and cannot wait for church on Sunday morning!


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Madeline @ Food, Fitness, Family said...

LOVE it. Can't wait to read your posts :)