Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Days in Mizzou!

This past week has been pretty crazy! We had a great day of football last weekend with the Guldens and Glassers! Georgia won their game, thank goodness, and we bought NEW furniture for the new house! I now have a beautiful kitchen table-can seat up to 10 people- but 8 for everyday. This will come in handy the next few years at holidays, and when our home welcomes more babies;)

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off this week..phew. I am pooped already. Pooped, but so excited and anxiously awaiting the move! I have been doing odds and ends this week so that next week runs very smooth. The house is almost ready to be loaded into the moving truck! I do have to say, this DITY move has been worth it. We started packing the house a few weeks ago, and it has definitely paid off. Saturday we are going to go to Springfield and pick up some home decor, Sunday we'll be packing suitcases and packing the last things in the house, and then Tuesday morning we pick up the truck and load her up! Then I will run the clorox through the house once more;)Wednesday is Weston's graduation ceremony, and we will do a last run through the house to make sure everything looks better than when we arrived! Weston leaves early Thursday morning to get a good head start and do the walk through of the new house, and I have our walk through here at 8am. We will be on the road after that!

My dad is meeting us in LA to help put furniture together and unload the truck! I am just so excited!! Then, the wedding festivities begin!!!!!!!!!!!

17 Days and counting until Sisty becomes Mrs. Gates Frazier! I will update before we leave here, and for sure when we get more settled! I have enjoyed the stay here in Missouri this time! Our best friends made it, for sure, but the family memories we made I will keep in my heart forever! Here's to many more....

Love, RL

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