Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 year Anniversary Weekend!

This was a much needed, AMAZING weekend! Our 5 year anniversary was June 10th however, this concert wasn't until July 30th, so he planned for my inlaws to come out and stay with the boys! My sweet husband is always surprising me with things and this was by far an awesome one! He gave me and entire homemade "book" of our plans for this weekend. We started out early Saturday morning-top off on the jeep and a run by Starbucks!:) (I don't think we have a trip that doesn't start with that:)) We had a beautiful 3 hour drive to Kansas City and the Sheraton Hotel. We arrived and stopped in to drop off our stuff.

Then we headed out to do some shopping and eat lunch before the afternoon stuff started. We found an awesome shopping area and a delicious sushi restaraunt! After a light lunch, we went back and changed for the concert!!!! ZAC BROWN BAND, KENNY CHESNEY, AND BILLY CURRINGTON! a-mazing!!!!! We have seen Kenny in concert before, and he was amazing! But this was our first ZBB concert and incredible doesn't even describe it! I have never seen a band play the fiddle and guitar than they do! The concert started at 515 and we left about 1045! We got to hear all the songs we wanted, and got out with NO traffic! Our seats were on the 12th ROW of the Chiefs stadium!!! PEFECTION. As hot as it has been in Missouri, we were completely covered by shade and had an amazing time! We had a "midnight snack" on our way to the hotel and slept all night...WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS;) I missed my boys so so much, but when I woke up at 845 and had slept peacefully all night, I felt so much better! I forgot what it felt like to sleep through the night. The last time was before Eli was born. 845 is LATE for us. Weston is usually up at 4 am and I am usually awake between 545 and 6! So, an amazing night it was.

On our way home, as if my husband hadn't pampered me enough...he found a SUPER Target with a Starbucks!! BONUS POINTS:) Then we had another fun ride home together!

Weston, words cannot express my love for you. Happy 5 years, Baby! Our 10 year anniversary since we started dating is on the 13th of this month! I cannot believe it! The BEST 10 years of my life! Thank you to my amazing in-laws for keeping the boys! We are so blessed to have you both! And Wyatt and Elias love you so much, Gi and Gandaddy;)


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