Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wyatt, now Eli:)

Today I am trying to think of ways to stimulate Eli's little bored self;) He is 6 months old now, and as you know, he must now be entertained!;) The days of sleeping and eating are GONE! He will be Wyatt's age in no time, and I only wish I could freeze time and keep my babies babies forever!

Today Eli watched his first Baby Einstein. It is a little nostalgic...Wyatt was just here, wasn't he?! I can't believe my boys are growing so fast. Seems like yesterday I brought Wyatt home from the hospital. They are so precious to me, I can't even explain it.

The boys are now officially brothers AND roomates:) I LOVE IT! It makes my heart sing to tuck them both into their little teeny beds and kiss them goodnight. I know they have eachother and they have both done so well. I can't wait to move to LA and really put their room together. It will transition from a nursery to a little boys room! How fun!

Just a couple of the MANY things I am so blessed with...
Love, RL

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