Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to Normal!

Okay, so I didn't update the next day...oops!:) We are doing great! We are done with traveling, back to routine, and enjoying life! Being back in Missouri reminds me of the last time we were here. When we left 3 years ago, I remember looking back and wishing I had appreciated the simple life a little bit more. Now, we are back and I am determined to appreciate this time, even if there isn't a lot to do around here:) I have my boys, all three, and I LOVE my life! I love staying home everyday with Wyatt and Elias! We have been doing lots of fun things together as a family, even if it involves us being a little more creative at the house! We live in a very small town here in Missouri. I really like our little town home and I unpacked what I needed. I left a good many boxes in the garage packed, since we are leaving again in October! We have a Walmart, Lowes, Cracker Barrel, and Panera! Those are about the only places we can go if we need to:) I of course grocery shop at the commissary. And no, there is NO Target. Which, those who know me, know that is completely unacceptable! I am looking forward to moving to our next duty station, just for the Target:)

We should be finding out in the coming weeks where we will be assigned next! Hopefully, we will get closer to Georgia!:) I always miss my family, but I am missing them a lot more these days. Especially since Britt got engaged!! I was able to be home and wedding dress shop with her, which was awesome! She is going to look incredible on her wedding day! But, I am sad that I am missing the rest;( Depending on when we move, I will be going home a couple weeks before the wedding, so I can help with some last minute stuff then! We had a great visit when we went home this last time, and I am hoping we will have more times like that coming up!

Wyatt has really turned the corner on potty training! He is now telling me when he has to go and LOVES the new found freedom:) He is so incredibly smart, too. I love watching him learn, explore, and carry conversation. I am working on some little things with him right now. He can spell his name, he knows colors, how to count to 10, and so much more...I had no idead the pride I would feel as a mother! I just cannot get enough of him. Weston and I are constantly looking at eachother and smiling with pure joy when we watch him. Weston reminds me constantly the indescribable love he has for Wyatt! There really is nothing like it!

Elias! Oh, my precious baby. He is different than Wyatt, and I love it! His routine consists of eating, pooping, and being held or swaddled tight! He is soooo stinking cute! I could eat him up!!! He has been smiling and cooing and laughing at me for a few weeks now. I.AM.IN.LOVE:) He just turned 4 months, and eats like a pig!! I think he looks a lot more like me;) I cannot believe he is 4 months old:( Slow down, time!!! We have been sleeping 8 hours now, and I am in heaven!!! WOOHOO!

Weston is back at work, and doing great! We had almost a month off from the time we moved to Missouri until he started back. I loved every minute of him being home so much! I got spoiled! It was a bummer when he was gone when I got up on Monday morning...I am looking forward to moving again, to have some time back;)

I am ready for summer! Swim lessons, trips, baseball games, hikes in the woods, and much more...Get ready!! I will have lots of pictures to come...
Love you all,

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