Friday, February 29, 2008

6 Weeks Today!

Well, I am 6 weeks today. I have used the Due Date Calculator to find how far along I am, although it is give or take some days. I am waiting to hear back from Dr. Walters to schedule my OB Registration. Right now I am at Ft. Leonard Wood Army Hospital and have a really sweet doctor. She is actually Active Duty, so needless to say, she is very busy. My next appointment should supply us with more answers!! But I am feeling great and very honored! I will keep you posted!


rlayfield1 said...

Dear Rachel and Weston- We are so happy and excited for you, and us, and our families-- on both sides!!! You are about to receive an unbelievably precious gift from God. It will change your life forever in such a blessed way. Your sweet baby is so fortunate to have you both for a mom and dad--two loving and committed parents who are devoted to each other. And,your baby is blessed to be born into a family of believers, who will give him or her :) unconditional love and support...and in addition, to be born in the United States of America!
We are thankful, and pray for continued blessings for the three of you!!!
We can't wait!!!!
We love you very much,
Mom and Dad (Layfield)

HKC said...

Rach and Wes,

Everyone up here is so happy for you! I cannot tell you how excited I am for you two. You three! will continue to remain in both mine and the sisters of Kappa Delta's prayers! You will be wonderful parents--please keep us posted!

Love you both,

Katie :)